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NFC Carrot Juice

Kiril Mischeff is a leading UK supplier of NFC carrot juice to the food and drinks industry. It’s typically available at 9° Brix.

Wholly natural and packed with nutritional benefits, NFC carrot juice blends perfectly with fruit juices for healthy smoothies and nutrient-rich juices, and can also be used in a whole host of food applications.

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What is NFC carrot juice?

Not from concentrate carrot juice is made with minimal processing, reaching you full of natural fresh flavour and colour. It’s simply juiced and then pasteurised to control the microbiological load, with nothing added or taken away.

This means the juice retains the full natural goodness of the carrot, helping add an exceptional nutritional profile to your end products.

To place your order, please just contact your Customer Account Manager. You may also wish to look at our carrot concentrate.

Available formats:

  • 20kg bag in box
  • Drum 200kg


What is NFC carrot juice?

NFC carrot juice is made from fresh carrots without any concentration or dilution. NFC stands for not from concentrate which means that the juice undergoes minimal processing to preserve its natural flavour, colour and nutritional value. NFC carrot juice is juiced and then processed to control the microbiological content, without anything being added. The juice can be used for a variety of applications and can be blended with other fruit juices to create healthy smoothies and nutrient-rich juices, as it adds natural sweetness and colour. It can also be used as an ingredient in soups, sauces, dressings, dips and marinades, as it enhances the flavour and texture of the dishes. NFC carrot juice can also be incorporated into bakery products, such as cakes, muffins and breads to add moisture and richness.

What are the nutritional benefits of NFC carrot juice?

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, or vitamin A, which is essential for healthy vision, skin and the immune system. Carrots also contain other antioxidants, such as lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect the eyes from age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. Additionally, carrots provide dietary fibre, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K and folate. And since NFC carrot juice retains the full natural goodness of the carrot because it hasn’t been exposed to high temperatures or chemical treatments, it has a higher bioavailability of beta-carotene than raw carrots.

Why order NFC carrot juice from Kiril Mischeff?

Kiril Mischeff is a leading provider of NFC carrot juice to the food and drink sectors. We work with trusted growers and producers around the world to ensure the consistent quality and availability of our products. The NFC carrot juice available from Kiril Mischeff is at 9° Brix. We also offer organic NFC carrot juice for those who prefer organic products. We deliver our product in 20kg bag-in-boxes or 200kg drums, depending on the customer’s needs. NFC carrot juice is a versatile and valuable product that can help food and drink manufacturers create delicious and nutritious products that appeal to consumers. By ordering NFC carrot juice from Kiril Mischeff, you can benefit from their high-quality products, reliable service and competitive prices.

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