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Avocado Pulp

Our frozen avocado pulp is made with fresh Hass avocados and would make an ideal base for guacamole or any other recipes you may be wanting to produce.

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What is avocado pulp?

The avocado pulp is produced and HPP (High Pressure Processing) treated in the UK; this is an all-natural way of preserving the pulp without the need for preservatives and additives. It also gives the product a 28 day chilled shelf-life after defrosting. The pulp is produced from sound avocados that are decided to be not sufficiently visually appealing for the consumers eye in the supermarkets, which is reducing the waste from fresh produce in retail.

Our avocado pulp is therefore perfect for food manufacturers and food service businesses with its long shelf-life and no preservatives. We have the option to pack in different pack sizes but the most common is 5kg food grade blue bags.

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