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NFC Coconut Water

Now an extremely popular product in the health and nutrition drinks market, Kiril Mischeff was one of the first suppliers to introduce coconut water to the UK.

We’ve had strong relationships with producers in Thailand and the Philippines for a number of years, and continue to procure some of the best-quality coconut water for the food and drinks industry.

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Coconut water is renowned for its health benefits, packed with useful nutrients and minerals. By providing our coconut water in NFC (not from concentrate) format, we’re able to deliver a product that retains all of that natural goodness.

Free from significant processing, our NFC coconut water is ideal for drinks manufacturers seeking a 100% natural product, with all the nutritional benefits as well as the fresh, refreshing taste in tact.

Just give your Customer Account Manager a call to place your order. You may also wish to look at some of our other health food and drink products, including virgin coconut oil and NFC cranberry juice.

Available formats:

  • 200kg drums

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