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NFC Grape Juice

Kiril Mischeff can supply table grape juice and wine grape juice not from concentrate, suitable for manufacturers in both the soft and alcoholic drinks industries.

Named grape varieties including Merlot, Chardonnay and Muscat are available, typically supplied at 16 Brix and sourced from a range of high-quality vineyards in Spain, Turkey and France.

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Why choose NFC grape juice?

NFC grape juice is an entirely natural product, produced with minimal processing. The grapes are simply picked, pressed and then pasteurised, to control the microbiological load.

That means our grape juice reaches your commercial kitchen or winery ready to use, full of natural fresh flavour and colour – and with virtually all of the nutritional benefits of the grape still intact.

Place your order by speaking to your Customer Account Manager. You may also wish to look at our range of other NFC fruit juices, or at our grape concentrate.

Available formats:

  • 20kg bag in box (aseptic)
  • Drum 200kg
  • Individual Bulk Container (1000kg)
  • Bulk Tanker (25 tonnes).

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