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NFC Grapefruit Juice

Known for its distinctive tart taste and a wide range of health benefits, grapefruit juice is one of the world’s most popular fruit juices. At Kiril Mischeff, we supply NFC (not from concentrate) grapefruit juice to the food and drink industry, in a range of formats to suit a variety of uses.

All sourced in Texas, USA, we can supply red, yellow and pink grapefruit juice varieties, with a typical sugar content value of 11° Brix.

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What is NFC grapefruit juice?

NFC grapefruit juice is 100% natural grapefruit juice, simply squeezed from the fruit and then lightly pasteurised to help preserve it for longer. Subjected to such minimal processing, it’s the best way to capture the true, refreshing taste of the grapefruit, and also ensure the nutritional value of the grapefruit remains intact.

This makes it an ideal ingredient for healthy fruit juices, drinks and smoothies, as well as a host of other applications.

To discuss your order, simply contact your Customer Account Manager. You may also wish to look at our other grapefruit concentrate or our range of other NFC fruit juices, including NFC apple juice and NFC orange juice.

Available formats:

  • Drum 200kg
  • Individual Bulk Container (1000kg)


Where to buy NFC grapefruit juice in bulk?

Kiril Mischeff are proud to be leading suppliers of wholesale NFC grapefruit juice to the UK food and drinks manufacturing industry.

Sourced from the highest quality suppliers in Texas, we can offer NFC juice from red, pink and yellow grapefruits. This juice has a distinctive, bittersweet and tart flavour, that all citrus lovers adore.

From 200kg drums to 1000kg bulk containers, our NFC grapefruit juice is available in a wide variety of formats to best suit your manufacturing needs, be it industrial, food service or retail.

What is grapefruit juice good for?

Grapefruit juice concentrate is most commonly used in the manufacturing of juices and smoothies due to its sharp, citrussy flavour. This makes it the perfect addition to a variety of products in the food and drinks manufacturing industry to add a subtle tart flavour. Grapefruit is very popular citrus fruit that is also used in gins, tonics, jams, bakery goods, desserts and more.

What is the difference between NFC and concentrate grapefruit juice?

NFC grapefruit juice is produced without any water removal, resulting in a less processed, more natural juice. It has a shorter shelf life but is ready to use as soon as it arrives with you.

On the other hand, grapefruit juice concentrate is made by heating up the juice so that the water evaporates, leaving all the flavour in a thick solution. The water can then be readded during production.

Is NFC grapefruit juice healthier than concentrate juice?

Whilst NFC juices are less processed and therefore 100% natural, there is not much difference between NFC and concentrate juices in terms of nutritional values.

However, in an increasingly health-conscious market that is obsessed with natural products, NFC juices are typically considered to be the healthier option and therefore have the potential to command a higher price point.

Like many citrus fruits, grapefruit is loaded with powerful antioxidants, as well as vitamins A and C, which have been proven to help boost your immune system.

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