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Guava Puree

A popular tree fruit cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions, guava brings delicious tropical flavours to a wide range of food and drink items.

At Kiril Mischeff, we supply a superb guava puree from pink and white guava varieties, grown and produced in India.

It’s available at 12° Brix, and makes an ideal ingredient particularly for ice creams and tropical fruit smoothies.

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How is guava puree made?

A largely natural product full of fresh guava flavour, colour and nutrition, our guava puree is subjected to relatively little processing.

The flesh of the fruit is simply heated to break it down, before it is pushed through a fine sieve for a thick and luxurious final product.

To find out more or to discuss your order, simply contact your Customer Account Manager. You may also wish to look at some of our other tropical fruit products including mango puree, papaya puree and NFC passion fruit juice.

Available formats:

  • Drum 200kg
  • 20kg bag in box


Is guava puree good for you?

Kiril Mischeff guava puree manages to retain much of the goodness and nutritional value of fresh guava fruit, which is low in calories and full of fibre and important minerals/nutrients. Not only is this puree rich in vitamins C and A, but also calcium and iron.

Many fruit purees are processed and full of preservatives and added sugar, leaving them high in calories, but Kiril Mischeff guava puree is unprocessed and naturally produced, making it a great healthy option

Where to buy guava puree in bulk?

Kiril Mischeff are proud to be leading suppliers of fruit purees to the UK food and drinks manufacturing industry.

We can supply both white and pink Indian guava varieties as puree. Our guava puree has a beautiful exotic flavour which complements many other fruits for a tropical mix.

From 20kg aseptic bags to 200kg drums, our purees are available in a wide variety of formats to best suit your business needs.

What is guava puree used for?

Across the food and drinks manufacturing industry, guava puree is commonly used in tropical fruit juices, smoothies, ice creams, sorbets and desserts. However, it can also be a great addition to baby food, bakery products and breakfast bars, thanks to its great nutritional profile and distinctive, tropical flavour.

What is Brix in guava puree?

Brix can be used to measure the sugar content of juices and purees. In the case of puree, a product with 1° Brix has one gram of sugar per 100 grams, therefore, Brix can be used as a great indication of how sweet the puree might taste.

At Kiril Mischeff, we supply both white and pink guava puree to the food and drinks manufacturing industry at a Brix of 12°.

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