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Lemon Juice Concentrate

Sourced from the sun-soaked lemon groves of Sicily and Spain, our high-quality organic lemon juice concentrate is available at 32° Brix – in a variety of formats to suit your needs.

We can provide cloudy or clarified lemon juice varieties, both held as stock items, ready to meet the most immediate of requirements.

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How lemon concentrate is made?

Lemon concentrate is made by removing the skin and pips of the lemon, and juicing the inner flesh. This natural lemon juice is then subjected to a heat treatment to remove some of the water content – resulting in a concentrated solution six times the strength of a regular juice, and significantly smaller in volume.

At this smaller volume, the lemon concentrate is more convenient and cost-effective to transport than an NFC juice. It can be used in its concentrated form, or restored to a regular-strength juice by re-adding water once it reaches the final processing point.

Just get in touch with your Customer Account Manager to place an order, and don’t forget to ask about our other lemon and citrus products including citrus dummy and lemon oil.


Where to buy lemon juice concentrate in bulk?

Kiril Mischeff are proud to be leading suppliers of wholesale fruit concentrates to the UK food and drinks manufacturing industry.

This lemon juice is a great option for manufacturers looking to buy in bulk, given that it has all the water removed. This makes for a solution that is up to 6 times stronger than NFC juice but takes up a much smaller volume. This can be a huge benefit for industrial manufacturers, as it can be purchased in larger quantities and be easily transported/stored. Then, you simply add the water back in during the production of your end product.

From 20kg bags to 200kg drums, our lemon juice concentrate is available in a wide variety of formats to best suit your business needs.

What is lemon juice concentrate good for?

Aside from their great nutritional values, lemons are a very popular sharp yet sweet fruit with a wide variety of applications spanning both the food and drinks manufacturing industries. Within the drinks manufacturing industry, lemon juice is most often used in juices, smoothies, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.

It is also used within the food manufacturing industry. The zingy, citrussy notes that lemon juice can provide are popular in a variety of dishes, from meat to fish to vegetarian dishes. It really is one of the most versatile juices we sell!

What is the difference between concentrate and not from concentrate lemon juice?

Lemon juice concentrate is made by pressing fresh lemons and juicing the pulp. This is then heated, so the liquid evaporates. This leaves a thick solution, which is much stronger than normal juice. When it reaches your final point, you can either use it (as it is) or simply add water to bring it back to its original strength.

On the other hand, NFC (not from concentrate) juices are produced without water removal and heating, which results in a less processed and therefore more ‘natural’ juice. The downside of NFC juices is that they normally have a shorter shelf life and take up more volume in terms of storage.

What are the health benefits of lemon juice concentrate?

It is a common misconception that concentrate juice is less healthy than NFC juice, but the truth is that they both manage to retain similar nutritional values.

Lemon juice concentrate is a great alternative to sugary/sweetened beverages as the citrussy flavour can often replace the need for sugary additives. It is also an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamin C, which are great for boosting your immune system. The juice of just 2 lemons can provide you with your daily vitamin C intake for the day. Lemon juice is known to be particularly high in citric acid, and therefore could help to prevent kidney stones and aid healthy digestion.

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