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Kiril Mischeff is one of the UK’s largest fruit juice suppliers to the global food and drink manufacturing industry.

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From fruit juice concentrates to NFC juices and natural cold-pressed juices, we supply a huge range of high-quality products to manufacturers, sourced from expert producers all around the world.

Our specialisms include apple juice, which we supply to some of the biggest food and drink manufacturers in the UK and America, and berry juices, which we can produce ourselves in Scotland for a product with British provenance.

You can see our full range of fruit juices and purees here.

Why choose Kiril Mischeff as your fruit juice supplier?

Over a number of years, we’ve developed strong relationships with fruit juice suppliers around the world, and we’re proud to offer full transparency and traceability for all our products.

We’re passionate about quality – and that’s why we regularly visit our juice supplier sites to keep updated with crop reports, understand what is to come in the new season and run technical audits to ensure our standards our met.

We can also offer you a choice of origin for many of our juices, with links to multiple producers across the globe who specialise in the same product.

This not only allows us to accurately meet your specification, but also ensures the availability of a juice even in the event of a crop failure at one of our juice suppliers.

An ever-evolving range

As well as our NFC fruit juices, cold-pressed juices and fruit concentrates, we also offer a wider range of fruit products including fruit purees, aromas and IQF fruit.

Across all our product ranges, we’re always at the forefront of innovation – keen to keep ahead of industry trends and bring you the latest on-trend ingredients before anyone else.

Indeed, in reaction to industry trends, we have recently extended our product portfolio to include plant waters such as coconut water, aloe vera, birch water and maple water.

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