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A leading UK supplier of tuna in pouches and cans, Kiril Mischeff can offer food manufacturers a choice of origin, catch-method and tuna variety to find the perfect product for you.

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We are able to supply Ecuadorian tuna caught by two different methods – Purse Seine and FAD Free (Fish Aggregating Device) – and can also supply pole-and-line caught tuna from Indonesia.

Predominantly, the tuna varieties we supply are Skipjack and Yellow Fin. Skipjack is what we most commonly associate with canned tuna in supermarkets, served as chunks or flakes, while Yellow Fin tuna is a much larger fish, more often found in the fresh aisles of supermarkets or served as tuna steak in restaurants.

We can offer both Skipjack and Yellow Fin tuna in pouches up to 7kg in weight, or in cans up to 1.71kg.

Why buy tuna in pouches?

As well as offering sustainably caught fish, we’re working hard with our suppliers in Ecuador to produce the next generation of laminated pouches, which will be recyclable.

This will allow you to benefit from the higher order quantities of buying tuna in pouches, while limiting your impact on the environment.

We currently offer our pouches of tuna in 500g, 1kg, 3kg and 7kg options, and can offer cans in 160g, 185g, 200g, 400g, 800g and 1.71kg.