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Pineapple Puree

Our pineapple puree is perfect for food manufacturers looking to add fresh tropical flavour to smoothies, sauces, desserts and bakery items.

Sourced from our trusted pineapple producers in Thailand and Costa Rica, it’s a natural product which undergoes minimal processing – allowing us to capture all the fresh taste, colour and aroma of the fruit.

It’s available from Kiril Mischeff in a wide range of pack sizes to meet your requirements.

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How our pineapple puree is made…

Pineapple puree is made simply by removing the skin, then applying a gentle heat treatment to the flesh of the fruit. This helps to break down the insoluble fibres in the pineapple, before it is passed through a sieve to create a smooth and luxurious final product.

By retaining all of the fruit’s natural juice and flesh, our pineapple puree not only delivers delicious sweet flavour, but also a great nutritional profile. Pineapple is high in fibre, manganese and vitamins A and C – making it a great addition to healthy fruit smoothies.

To place an order for pineapple puree today, just get in touch with our sales team on +44 (0) 1909 534 000. You might also be interested in our pineapple concentrate, or in other tropical purees including guava puree, mango puree and papaya puree.

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